Deadlands: Reloaded

Deeper into the Rock

The posse heads into the underbelly of the Rock, Reverend Grimme's key in hand...

Upon returning to the cells, Annie starts to feel faint from malnutrition and collapses from exhaustion – she is badly short on energy and the party is carrying nothing to rectify this. Li Fu, already injured from the attack on the roof, suggests he stays with her, whilst she rests again in a nearby storage room. This way, they can lay an ambush should anyone come looking for the missing guards, and give Annie chance to recuperate from her trials.

The rest of the posse moved to go deeper into the rock, but then heard muffled cries of pain from around the corner. Investigating, they found Felix shackled to the wall of an interrogation chamber straight out of medieval times, with a man of 4 foot height and width holding a red hot poker. This hardy torturer took a great beating before showing weakness, and came close to crushing Trixabelle’s head on a few occasions, but finally the posse took him down, shackled him up, and bought Felix back to conciousness.

Felix recalled a blurred arrest around the Lost Angels saloons, and then being captured for slurring something about the heart of darkness. He recalled his guns being kept in nearby storage room, and grabbing those the posse headed into the sub basement.

This sub basement spoke of a very dark side to the rock. Council chambers and luxury rooms hinted at high ranking members of the cult coming here, and an encounter with an undead female gunslinger added to the dark mystery. But it was accessing Grimme‘s inner sanctum, past a blood stained alter, entered using the warden’s key that led to grisly sights of a chamber full of human bones with an adjoining chamber decorated on the walls and with sculptures all formed of more human bones that filled many of the posse with horror, young Trixabelle being most affected by such sights.

Finally the posse reached a laboratory, in which they found the corpse of an emaciated man dissected on a table, with notes marking him as a creature of occult origin called a Faminite. The lab had 4 cells, inside which the group found the shackled and weakened form of Stone, the man they had been seeking. However, through his grunts and head shakes it became clear the Heart of Darkness was not here, and Grimme had it elsewhere.

The posse helped Stone to his feet and moved towards the exit… but there borrowed time was up it seemed. Having discovered the wardens body in the wardrobe upstairs, they pushed the alarm and patrols of guards rushed about. Two such guards spied the posse and persued them as they fled to the sewer pipe exit. Rushing through the power room, they quickly clambered down into the sewage room, tying the hatch shut using one of the ladder rungs. As they moved to the pipe, tentacles shot out of the liquid sewage below them, as they realised the soft spongy floor was part of a large shit-eating beast. Zachariah was caught by one tentacle, but with stealth no longer an issue, the party let loose with hellish gunfire, blasting them all into calamari.

Out the sewage pipe, they met up with Old Pete, who was pleased to see Stone. He was less pleased about the gun in the face from Ned saying he’d set them up. At this point, he was perhaps saved by Stone muttering that Grimme had the heart of darkness and planned to use it. Today. An ominous warning confirmed by the ringing of church bells – Grimme calling an early service this Sunday. The knife boat shot over the water, once again protected by the mysterious mists, and soon the posse were striding up the roads toward the Church of Lost Angels, Stone and Old Pete leading the way armed with dual colt peacemakers each.

Black clouds rolled in, and Ned saw forms moving within. The rain started – acid rain that burned. The posse quickly ran inside the church to hear the reverend speak a fire and brimstone sermon about the dark forces that conspire against man. As the posse strolled up the aisle, past the thousands of people entranced by the sermon, they spied the heart of darkness on the pulpit next to Grimme – and it was glowing. As the reverend delivered the peak of his sermon, a large winged demon crashed through the large rosette stained window and mocked this “servitor of a false deity”. The reverend called back at the foul creature of darkness to begone and soon the two were duelling, the aura of light cast from Grimme battling against the dark aura of the demon lord.

A large breath of smoke from the demon filled the church with lesser demons, who started to feast upon the crowd. Panic ensued, and the crowd scattered for the exits. Stone and Old Pete lept over pews, battling demons to try and reach the gem. A shot from Felix reflected off it, and before the posse could move further down the asile, a greater demon called his brethren forward to deal with another foolish servant of the dead god, pointing his finger at Zachariah as the evil forces moved to surround the heroes…


benturner benturner

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