Deadlands: Reloaded

Into the Rock

Searching the rock for the stones

Heading into the Rock prison, the posse had to wade through sewage and bilge to finally enter the prison basement. Here they freed Annie Appleseed from a cell that kept her powers at bay – she seemed distraught and traumatised from her captors that had been working away at her mind, asking for information on the Heart of Darkness.

They then snuck upstairs, avoiding or disabling guards until they reached the top of the barracks, where they came upon the warden’s room. A small, stocky man, he was prepared for their entry and lay upon them with a shotgun and a blooded bone that rose intoa cackling horror of made of blood and bone ! Annie Appleseed took this abomination down with a throw of her knife, and the party quickly subdued the warden. Looting the room, the group found the key they sought to the inner sanctum below, where both Stone and the heart were being kept, according to the mysterious stranger who had bought them here.

The posse headed back down, but whilst sneaking through a large reception room Li Fu collapsed, having already been badly injured from two shotgun blasts that had caught him on the roof in an earlier encounter, only being saved by Trixabelle Ting striking the assailant clear off the room and down into the shark-infested water. His collapse here alerted two guardsmen who demanded surrender. The party sprung, Li Fu occupying one guard, whilst the rest ran from there points of hiding to take down the other, who would have returned fire soon, had not once more the deadly throwing skills of Annie Appleseed ended his life swiftly with a blade to the throat.

The posse dragged the bodies to the cells below, and now all in the robes of prison guards (save Trixabelle who was too short for such garb), they began to explore the lower levels in search of there goal…


It was a great night for Annie, not only getting rescued, but also having a great run of luck with the intimidating baddies! “STOP!” “PUT DOWN THAT GUN!”

Into the Rock

Test’s of Wills really are an effective form of attack in Savage Worlds, esp. against foes who have a high toughness and therefore won’t be easily wounded by a bullet.

Ok, you need a raise to actually shake a foe via a test of wills, but the +2 bonus / -2 penalty isn’t bad either.

Into the Rock
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