Deadlands: Reloaded

In the beginning...
Every story must start somewhere. Ours starts here.

Our Story being on a train, with the posse all unknown to each other. The journey was spent meeting some folk on the train, a little interaction and then a double-whammy – disappearing rail cars and a train robbery (attempted). The conductor, chasing one of the passengers who was trying to access the baggage without him, seemed to unlink and vanish with the baggage car, as well as the caboose which was the final car on the train. The front of the locomotive then got smashed up as it fell into a gorge when the bridge was blown, killing the driver and fireman.

After a quick gunfight with a dozen bandits we find Jed with a belly full of lead but just alive, Samson lightly hurt and exhausted, Felix sober enough to headshot several bandits and Trixabelle Ting clearly a Chinese kid with some hidden power, having repelled two bandits, and also having caught the dynamite being hurled at the train, and quickly thrown it back to the bandits hurling it, devastating the leader and winning the fight.

They'll be coming round the mountain
First encounters with the horrors of the Weird West

Regrouping around the train, the survivors of the train crash and outlaw ambush setup camp, as night was drawing close, and creatures such as wolves roamed during the dark. Whilst they did this, the posse headed down to the lost baggage car to check what had happened… and retrieve their rifles ! They were accompanied by the lady from Boston, Laura Giles, who was interested in retrieving some of her “personal effects.

At the carriage they found it deserted and surrounded by signs of blood and bodies dragged away. Inside, the crate had been smashed open… from the INSIDE. The party gathered there guns, whilst Laura picked up her valuables – some jewelry that seemed somewhat valueless costume jewelry to Felix. Stilt-like tracks led away from the train wreck, seeming to drag bodies with it, but the night drew on so the party returned to rest for the night.

Overnight, Samson heard scratching noises outside. Investigating the sound revealed nothing, but in the morning the bodies of the dead outlaws had vanished from outside the train. The party set out to find what was doing this, this time accompanied by Denise Merritt, who was still very keen to find her story for the Tomestone Epitath. The others said they would wait a day before moving on toward Denver – rations were low and they coudl starve otherwise. Whilst Denver was two days ride away – meaning several days walk – Laura knew of a small settlement called Coffin Rock to the North that couldn’t be more than a day’s walk away.

Following the tracks the next day bought the group to a snowy clearing high up the side of the pass. Opposite them lay a cliff wall with a small cave in it, but before they entered Jed muttered that the group had been turned and disturbed. Not just to conceal tracks, but something bigger. Sweeping the snow aside, Samson found a frozen arm from one the dead train crew. Then the arm twitched… and another arm appeared ! Soon four dead crewmen / outlaws were rising from the snow to claw and tear at the party ! Jed and Denise almost lost there breakfast with the horror of the situation, and Samson started in fright as one rose right infront of him. Composures were soon recovered and shots fired, soon taking one of the walking corpses down with a loud… screeech ? Another shot from Jed’s rifle took down another, with claws tearing out the bullet wound before the corpse fell.The final two were not so easily stopped, as Samson and Felix tore them down, small spider like creatures tore out of the wounds and jumped toward the party, trying to tear them apart and blind them with their poison spittle. Felix took a nasty tear to the arm before the final two could be dispatched, falling with final screeches.

Samon strode over and muttered a prayer, and soon Felix’s wound seemed naught more than a scratch ! Denise continued to hurriedly scribble notes on the fantastical creatures, and the heroic actions of the group. But none of these small creatuers could account for what lay inside the crate, and after a brief rest, the group took into the cave single file. This cave was short and ended in a small cavern. Samson passed the torch over the floor, and therefore was caught unawares by a much larger spider like creature thumping down on his back, digging in with it’s clawed feet to try and bite into his neck. Felix quickly bounded into the cave and swung his rifle to bear on the spider-like abomination , but in the waving lantern light his aim was poor and tore into Samson’s arm ! Before he could recover from the friendly fire, the spider-creature tore it’s mandible into Samson’s neck, leaving him twitching on the ground, blood pooling around his body.

The creature then turned on Felix, who was having little luck with his guns, each jamming on him at crucial moments. Denise and Jed fired shots in, Denise scoring a hit that angered the beast, causing it to spit poison into her eyes, leaving her blinded. As Felix switched to his Tomahawk, which struggled to penetrate the thick chitinous hide, the beast turned on Jed, who’s rifle had left it badly hurt. It jumped at the injured bounty hunter, knocking him down, and rendering him unconcious. Felix moved in to engage again, as Denise finally stood, poison now most worn off from her eyes. She took aim, with a shaking hand, realising that one more shot would bring the beasts attention to her once more, perhaps fatally. As she prepared to squeeze the trigger, she started screaming with the shock of the last few moments, which breifly drew the attention of the creature. Not for long, but just long enough for Felix to raise his tomahawk and bring it down right behind the creature head. In an epxlosion of green ichor, the beast’s scream matched that of the reporter briefly before it twitched and stopped moving.

The group surveyed their fallen. Jed would soon come around, but needed a long period of medical care before he would be fit again. Samson though had not lasted long after the spider creatures bite, and had died within moments. Denise and Felix built a fire to keep warm and burn the bodies, whilst waiting for Jed to come around. An hour later found the three of them coming down the slope, back toward the train, only to find the group has already moved on. A note from Laura explained she had not thought they would return, so ordered the group ahead, but should the party have found and killed the creature to come to Denver and look her up, care of the Pinkerton Dectective Agency, for an apology and reward for there efforts. She had left enough rations for a days travel, long enough for the three of the them to walk to the nearby town of Coffin Rock.

The next day the group walked toward Coffin Rock. In the hills nearby, four shambling corpses ambushed the party – but this time there were no insects inside – these were the real deal ! The walking dead ! Gunfire took down these creatures, leaving the group to run into town babbling to the local church about zombies, which seemed to meet understanding but perhaps unbelieveing ears. The strange order of monks suggested they might take rest, and perhaps the local doctor might help. Jed visited first, at night, and after a shot of moonshine was asleep on the surgery table, awaking in the morning with tended wounds but patches of skin cut away from his body. The doctor explained they had been infected by an animal bite and needed to be removed to avoid infection. Offering lighter medical care to Felix, the group settled back to the Inn to rest – having seen his reflection in the window, Felix realised he looked awful, a run down version of his former self, and several days of bed rest would do all of them much good…

Entering Coffin Rock
The posse discovers the troubled town of Coffin Rock

Felix and Jed were joined by Zachariah, sent by one Miss Giles from Denver. With cash rewards for there work in the rocky mountains, the group used there wealth to rest and explore Coffin Rock.

Investigation showed Coffin Rock to be a mining town that came to great prosperity under the patronage of one John Daly. He bought in a school, library, other public services and a church under one Reverend Cheval whilst the copper mines prospered and bought in money to the town. But fortunes changed, and the town started to diminish, and John Daly died a few months ago a broken and penniless man.

John Daly also bought one Marshall Bryce into town, a gruff man who has taken a dislike to the group, especially after finding shot up miners bodies in the hills, killed by the weapons they carried. Him and his deputies have been watching the group as they stick there nose around Coffin Rock.

During there explorations, Zachariah managed to recover some property form the local bordello, managing to keep his innocence intact. Felix had less fortune and was stripped and robbed after passing out in the same place.

Mysterious sights turned to something worse as a miner was hurt near the abandoned school. Investigating within, Felix disturbed a young girl’s ghost, who assaulted him and Zachariah with furniture. Zachariah ran for the exit, but Felix persisted upstairs to see what lay around the building. The furniture smashed around him more though and he was forced to leap from the first floor window, lacerating his face badly, a wound that would leave a permanent scar. What saved him from bleeding out was partially the skill of the doctor, summoned by one of the soiled doves from the bordello. But it also seemed the prayers of Zachariah eased the pain of the bad fall too, and prevented the scout from bleeding to death.

After attending a Sunday sermon, the group found a dead miner outside the same school, calling it the work of ghosts to the Marshall’s derision. They also looked up the Reverend who had given a sermon, but it seemed he had left town after his sermon. With Jed fully healed the group went to the hills to look around the coffin shaped bluff that gave the town it’s name. One the way there they encountered a man made out of blood and fire attacking a female gunslinger. Firing full rounds of ammo into the man did little to stop his fury, and after some wounds from the beasts fists and hurled balls of blazing mud, eventually the group took a break in it’s attacks to flee to safety following the cowgirl deeper into the hills…

The walking dead of Coffin Rock
The posse meet the damned souls surrounding Coffin Rock, and one damned soul living in town

The posse took shelter with the womenfolk of Shelly Pearl’s gang. These women folk had been bullied and threatened by Marshall Bryce and his gang and left town, forming a gang here. Shelly had come into town to join her father – one John Daly – but had arrived shortly after his death. Marshall Bryce claimed to own most of the town, having bought it from John Daly, but Shelly said that was a lie, and for confronting the Marshall she barely escaped with her life.

The posse decided they wanted to continue to the coffin-shaped bluff overlooking town, despite warning from Shelly that more blooded men and walking dead were out there. An initial encounter with two of the blooded men left the party running for safety, finding a canyon to hide from them. Zachariah headed back to the cave, leaving Felix and Jed to continue forward to the rock. Another hours travel had them avoid another encounter with the 2 blood men, but bought them near a larger horde of walking dead deeper in the mountains. Deciding the gals might have had a point, they headed back, killing two walking dead who attempted an ambush, noting they fell easier to Jed’s knife than from any gun shots.

After a nights rest, the posse headed back into town to try and draw the Marshall into the hills with as few deputies as possible for an ambush. But on returning to town they were distracted by a second murder outside the school, this time impaled by a sheet of glass. Some investigation suggested these deaths were happening close to the deaths around town. The townsfolk were becoming more fearful and less co-operative, and the deputies seemed to be firing accusations at the group with every word. Furthermore, reports of John Daly now walking around town was causing some distress; the group soon after discovering the body of John Daly had vanished from the mausoleum !

That night, the body of John Daly stumbled past the group. Seemingly uncommunicative, as well as somewhat decayed, he marched toward the burnt out mansion that used to be his home in life. Zachariah mentioned Shelly Pearl had been threatened by the Marshal, and that got him talking. Growling in monotone, John shifted his gait toward the Marshal’s office and bust in, looking to tear him limb from limb for threatening his girl.

Two deputies backed up on seeing the dead man walk in. Marshal Bryce wrestled with John Daly’s corpse, looking to blow his brains out after a gut shot did nothing to stop the undead protagonist. Zachariah made a grab form the jail house keys, which caused one of the deputies to try and stop him. This then caused Jed to open fire on the deputy, and both the deputies drew and fired back. With Zachariah and Felix both helping to subdue the Marshal, Jed ran into the room and got a shot into the Marshal’s leg. Seeing the greater threat here, Bryce stuffed a full 6 rounds of lead into his hogleg and fanned the hammer back at Jed. Bullets flew wildly, and after two freak ricochets, Jed lay dying and the two deputies lay dead, killed by there own Marshal’s bullets. The church bell rang out twice as the bodies struck the floor, Zachariah diving over to save Jed from bleeding out – his faith in the lord and prayers keeping him from death’s door.

Injured and outnumbered, Marshal Bryce was finally disarmed and bundled into one of the jail cells. Cursing and calling threats on the group, he damned there existences and called up all manner of painful retributions that would strike those who assaulted him that evening. John Daly’s corpse stood still, it’s fury abated for now…

I fought the (out)law, and the (out)law lost
Bringing law and order back to Coffin Rock. Are the trouble of this town finally over ?

The posse defeated half of Hank Archer’s gang then persued the other half to there hideout the next day. They captured the rest of the gang, saved two of Jewel’s dancers, got Shelly elected as Marshall (sorry Trix, gotta give back the badge), tried (and failed) to remove the school’s ghost and chatted to Reverend Cheval.

They also rested 3-4 days, allowing most to get back on their feet, ‘cept Jed who remains badly wounded. On the last day, an occurance kicks off in town…

The dark side of coffin rock
Supernatural forces abound in coffin rock

Exploring out to the mines around coffin rock, the posse save a shaman from a full scale assault from the walking dead. This shamen explains much of the suffering around coffin rock is being caused by the torture of the earth spirit in the mine, masterminded by Reverend Cheval, who as an insane man took the garb of a priest, an is now possessed by an evil manitou spirit to help spread the horrors.

The posse investigated the mine, and used spirits of dead miners to guide them to the tortured Earth spirit. Defeating the blooded men in torturing the spirit, they followed the Reverend Cheval through a portal that left them scattered across town some time in the future. Reconvening at the town church, the posse bust there way in and took on the Reverend and his faithful as they attempted to bring demonic forces into being.

As a demonic beast stepped into the world, the Reverend took a bullet from a rifle to his temple, causing him to fall and the power of the manitou to fade. The demon was banished, and the faithful flock fled in horror at what they had done. The town was finally free of the chokehold of fear, and the posse heroes.

To Denver and Derry's Ford
A quick bounty stop in Denver leads to another opportunity for dinero

The posse took the Hank Archer gang to Denver. On the last day, an ambush by Prairie ticks led to Felix and one of the gang being “impregnated” – the giant ticks had literally climbed down there throats to kill them from within.

Hank tried to negotiate his way out of his predicament with a shotgun, grabbed from the floor after Zachariah dropped it. Having to discharge most of it’s rounds to protect himself form the ticks left him vulnerable though, so eventually he traded the knowledge of saving Felix from the ticks for his men’s freedom.

Soon after, the posse were on there way with just Hank in tow, as well as a Norwegian child, Lain Swenson, found in a nearby cabin – his parents and horses both victims of the ticks. In Denver, they took the bounty for Hank (and the man killed in Coffin Rock) and then called in on the Pinkerton Detective Ageny to pick up a reward from saving the train back in the hills outside Kansas.

Here they also negotiated a new home for the child, and were told a family in Derry’s Ford would take him in. Coincidently (or conveniently) a wealthy mining baron, Irving Backlund, had just propositioned the group to head to there to find his once missing son, now a member of the Church of the Holy Flame. Things seems to tie together nicely, so the posse decided to ride together to complete both tasks and net some more valuable union dollars.

And the rest of it
Filler log

In Derry’s ford, the posse rooted out a cult sorceress and stopped her completing a massacre for her black magic ritual. Then back to Denver and onto Utah to chase visions of Annie Appleseeds and look for Trixabelle’s father.

From Utah, after some misadventure, the posse took on a mission to protect a local scientist going to the Kansas scientific symposium from Chicago. Cue lots of mad scientist on a train with inventions, a little skullduggery, and a fight with a giant robot.

Then, back to Utah, to help the victorious Elijah Bailey set up shop with Hellstromme, and to receive an interesting proposition from the rail baron himself…

The Story so far...

Felix Crowe, Jed, Trixabelle Ting and Ned Deadman have all been hired to find the Heart of Darkness, a rare gem lost by Dr Darius Hellstromme, rail baron and manufacturing king of Salt Lake City.

Having tracked it’s theft down through a mix of detective work and blind chance to the Tremendae Gang, the posse confronted the gang with the assistance of their friend, Zachariah, a gunslinger who seemed to have caught God’s ear, and they took them down, losing Jed in the fight. Also during this combat, Trixabelle blacked out, leaving a wall shattered, and the posse pondering her nickname of “little dragon” imparted on her my assailants from the Iron Dragon rail gang.

Documents from the gang’s hideout led the group West to the City of Lost Angels, where the group tried to track down the Doctor who escaped with the heart, as well as the man called “Stone” who asked the gang to assist in it’s aquisition. We pick up the story as the posse departs the Auto-Gyro’s they rode in on from Salt Lake City and enters the city…

Finding the Doctor

The group looked for the “Doc” who had carried the stone they were looking for to the City of Lost Angels. They found him drunk in a bar, and on mentioning Stone his mood soured and he tried to get rid of the party. After a bar fight, during which the mysterious Li Fu interjected to save Trixabelle Ting, the group found that Stone had the Stone, and the Doctor had given up both to the Guardian Angels in exchange for his freedom.

After putting the Doctor back in his room at the flophouse, the group bumped into a strange scarred man who offered to help them get the Stone back, in exchange for helped out his friend, Stone. Both were being kept in the prison out on the rock. Under cover of mist, the group approached the island on the strangers boat, and prepared to break into the most notorious prison to break out two Stones.


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