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  • Rex Tremendae

    Gang leader. "Marshall" Rex had many marshall's badges from tose who had stood before him before. Appeared to be some form of undead creature. RIP - Zachariah blew his head into mush with his shotgun.

  • Old Pete

    Mysterious old stranger - appears to be an identical twin / copy of [[:stone | Stone]]

  • Hank Archer

    Caught terrorising [[Coffin Rock]] by the posse. Since residing in a jail cell in Denver, although many of his gang remain free.

  • Elvira

    Used to be part of the [[Tremendae Gang | Tremendae Gang]] - last seen hurtling out of an exploding factory floor, body never found.

  • Casper Zed

    One time member of the [[Tremendae Gang | Tremendae Gang]] RIP - shot by [[:ned-dedman | Ned Dedman]], after taking the life of [[:jed | Jed]] with a Huckster's bolt.

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