House Rules

Blocking spaces

As long as you aren’t shaken, you can block the space on which you are standing. If you are shaken, enemies can pass through but your space count as difficult terrain.

Bull Rush

The attacker makes a Fighting attack and then, instead of damage, makes an opposed Strength roll. Success and the opponent moves back an inch, a raise and the opponent moves back 1d4” and is Shaken. Raises on the attack roll give cumulative +2 modifiers to the Strength roll, just like with damage. If the defender gets a raise on the opposed strength roll, the attacker drops prone until his next action.

Called Shots

Legs(-2): Works like Disarm but enemy makes an Agility roll (instead of Str). Failure means the character is falling prone.


This combines running and wild attack into a single action. To charge an attacker must declare a charge move at least 6”.The run die is rolled after a charge is declared, if the die comes up sort the attacker moves as close as possible to the target of the charge and has a -2 to parry until his next action.If the charge makes it to the target he attacks with +2 to fighting and damage and has a -2 to parry until his next action.

Improvised Weapons

Improvised weapons, such as rifle’s used in melee, or chairs / vases / furniture etc… come with a -1 penalty to Parry.

Joker bonus (for groups)

The +2 to damage and trait rolls only applies to one member of a group (players choice). A second card should be dealt for the remainder of the group to act on.

Legend Chips

When you spend a legend chip, there is a 1-in-6 chance of getting +1xp – this should encourage players to use these on occasion, rather than potentially save them for “more desperate times”.

Replacement Characters

The experience loss for dying is limited to 20 XP (= losing 1 rank).

Rising from Prone

Rising from Prone requires 3” (or half your pace) of movement.

Tricks and Test of Wills (Advanced)

When performing an Agility Trick or Test of Wills, you have two options as listed below and must choose one before rolling the dice.


Distract – This works as written in the main rulebook, causing -2 Parry and Shaken on a raise to the target.

Confuse – This inflicts a -2 penalty on the target’s attack rolls on the next round, and -4 on a raise (Note: this only affects attack rolls, not all actions).

Tests of Will: Intimidate/Taunt

Cow/Enrage – This works as written in the main rulebook, granting a +2 to the next action against target and Shaking the target on a raise.

Rattle/Belittle – Target suffers a -2 to their next Trait roll, and is Shaken on a raise.

Throwing Opponent

After the grapple, use the same rules for attempting damage to throw the target. A success allows you to “throw” them into any adjacent square, and a raise allows them to be thrown into a square up to 1” away.

Size difference modifies the distance by one inch per difference. So a human could throw a Size (-1) creature 1” on a success and 2” on a raise, but he would need a raise to throw a Size (+1) creature even into an adjacent square. And he couldn’t throw anything of Size +2 or larger at all.

House Rules

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