Deadlands: Reloaded

Finding the Doctor

The group looked for the “Doc” who had carried the stone they were looking for to the City of Lost Angels. They found him drunk in a bar, and on mentioning Stone his mood soured and he tried to get rid of the party. After a bar fight, during which the mysterious Li Fu interjected to save Trixabelle Ting, the group found that Stone had the Stone, and the Doctor had given up both to the Guardian Angels in exchange for his freedom.

After putting the Doctor back in his room at the flophouse, the group bumped into a strange scarred man who offered to help them get the Stone back, in exchange for helped out his friend, Stone. Both were being kept in the prison out on the rock. Under cover of mist, the group approached the island on the strangers boat, and prepared to break into the most notorious prison to break out two Stones.


benturner benturner

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